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 The Rules 1.0

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PostSubject: The Rules 1.0   Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:01 am

Here are the official rules of the forum. Keep these in mind when

These rules will be easy to remember, because most are out of common sense and manners.

1. No Spam (no pointless replies such as "LOL", "alkjdfal", or "bump")
Spam is often referred as Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Posting certain material in a flood like manner, especially when not contributing to the forum, in most cases is not tolerated.

2. No Hacking discussion.
Please don't talk to much about Club Penguin hacks or trainers. Don't advertise any forum/game hacking group you may have. Hacking is illegal in most senses. If you bring your hacks here, it can get you and the forum as a whole in trouble.

3. No Advertising (unless you are using your signature or the advertising section.)
Simple, there is a section to advertise and you may advertise in your signature. Remember Rule 1 when Advertising. (This included Private Messaging unless the Receiver asked you to)

4. No Foul Language.
Curses and profanity are different things to different people. No matter, Club Penguin is a kid site, therefore kids may come here, keep that in mind when posting.

5. No Double Posting (unless contributing properly)
see Rule 1 about bumping.

6. No Adult Material or Sexual Content.
No pictures, videos, and or words about Adult Material or Sexual Content. This also includes Private Messages.

7. Treat All Users with Respect.
Flame wars, Trolling, Fights, are strictly prohibited.

8. Do Not Trade Penguin Accounts or Codes (without having it completely reviewed by a staff member)
The staff member will play out as the middleman to prevent scams.

9. Do Not Post in Hard-to-Read Colors or Small Sizes.
Don't post in yellow, white, or in tiny small letters, especially when breaking a rule.

10. Use Proper Grammar
Do not use "l33t" language around the forums.

11. Use the Report System.
PMing a moderator/admin may not always work.

12. Create Only One Account for Yourself.
We can and will find you, as PHPBB uses state of the art ISP/IP detecting. (but if your account was hacked, you may create another account or if you were banned for a ridiculous reason, create another account an PM and admin ASAP)

13. No Threads Directed Towards 1 Person.
This will start a flame war and flame wars are strictly prohibited (read Rule #7)

14. Do not bump posts older than 35 days old (unless you are contributing to that topic)
If it is a sticky or pinned post it won't need to be bumped.

15. In addition to rule #14, posts older than 60 days
old (or 2 months) are strictly off limits. "Grave digging" is very annoying and also rude.

16. No plagiarizing
Do not steal other people's work and claim it as your own.

17. No one word posts.
Please do not make one word posts if they are pointless. If your post has one word but is a quality post, you won't get an infraction.

18. Please do not ask to be a Moderator/Admin. If you ask, your chances of being one will go down.

19. You will have 10 infractions before being banned forever. Once you receive 5 infractions, you will be banned for a short amount of time (depending on the offense.) Once you get another 5 infractions, you are at risk of being banned forever.

20.No just picture posts.

Best Regards,
The CPG Team
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The Rules 1.0
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